Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Card - The Robin's Nest

Christmas Card
This year I haven't made much in the terms of Christmas cards, too busy getting life to feel normal now that my son has moved out and is getting married two days before Christmas.
Christmas cards this year will be far few and in between but when made they are made with all the love inside of me. :)
The Robin's Nest really does have some of the best stuff to make Christmas cards with in my opinion.
Especially the different shapes of dew drops and such.
ScraPerfect Best Glue Ever
CTMH Art Philosophy Cartridge
1. Cut a 6 inch scalloped card and fold to the side of paper you want seen.
2. Cut a 5 inch scallop card and cut in half and flip over and glue the other side to it.
3. Cut out the layer tree on the green cardstock. It will leave holes so you know where to put dew drops at on it. Adhere it to the card.
4. Pick out the dew drops you want and glue on the areas that have holes to cover them and make a tree topping.
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