Friday, June 1, 2012

Schools Out for Summer 6/2-6/3 (Day One)

Welcome to the Schools Out for Summer Blog Hop!
Day One!

I decided to make a project that truly sends off someone special into the summer!
Tomorrow is high school graduation for my son, his girlfriend and many of his friends!

I want to say Congratulations to the Class of 2012!

Also want to send out prayers to them both, they were in a car accident on Thursday and while they are overall alright they are both bruised, hurt, lots of pain, and I know my son keeps reliving it while trying to go to sleep.
I thank the Lord that he is fine otherwise.

Here is my project which is for his girlfriend:
It's her graduation card since I decided the first one wasn't good enough!

I used Chelsea's Graduation from Sassy Studio Designs.
Also Office, Office by Mr. Cricut Crazy!

I am going to put money in here and hope to get her my favorite graduate book before her party.

Be sure to check out Sunday's post!

Line Up:
First of all our lovely host this month is ...
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Lissa Marie
Jaime Lindstrom <---you are here!
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lorby said...

Sorry to hear about your son and his girlfriend but glad they are okay. I really like your card and know she will too. said...

Very Nice Jamie! Love the coloring!

LissaMarie said...

What a beautiful card Jamie! very nice... cant wait to see what you have for tomorrow.

Ellen Jarvis said...

This is a very nice card for your son's girlfriend -- aren't you sweet for remembering her on her special day! I'm sure she'll cherish it (and the loot inside will be the topper!).

UGH, SO SCARY to read of the car accident!! Thank God everyone's okay. My daughter was in a dreadful car accident in August 2010, when she was 6 months' pregnant -- she accidentally turned left in front of an oncoming, speeding truck and her passenger side of the car (where her hubby was sitting) was broadsided and spun several times and up and over a third car. Every airbag and window shield deployed, which I am sure spared their lives. While she went by ambulance as a precaution to check the baby, the only one who had a teeny cut on him was a policeman who picked up a piece of glass off the road. Can you imagine!? And YES, she had nightmares for a very long time, and feared that intersection too. I think we all drive more cautiously after that. Her car was totalled -- but thank you, Volkswagen (Jetta), for the safety devices that saved my daughter's family, including my granddaughter!

I'm a follower Jamie, and a friend. Thank you for hopping with us.

Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

Anna said...

What a cute graduation card, I love the flowers.

Anonymous said...

Great card. She'll love it. I'm glad they are doing okay. That had to be extremely frightening for you. Just be there for him and you'll help him through.

Pink Dalmatians said...

Very cute!

Pink Dalmatians said...

BTW I meant to say, sorry about the accident & i'm glad everyone is ok.

melllisssa said...

Beautiful! I love the flowers and the image of the graduate is just darling :)

Thanks so much for sharing!
misshoanggg (at)

rlovew said...

Sorry to hear about the accident- hopefully both of them are doing well and come through without any residual effects. Lovely card- I really like you graduation girl on the card- so cute yet sassy.

Babe O'Mara said...

Glad to hear everyone is okay after that accident. Thank God. That is a darling graduation card. Love it. TFS


Robin said...

Very nice grad card. I'm sure she will love it!

Hang in there, I know what it's like firsthand to have one of your children involved in an auto accident. Four years ago my son was in a terrible accident where his best friend, the driver of the car, died. My son suffered some physical injuries but the emotional injuries took a LONG time to get through. I think that he still has flashbacks somedays. I'll keep saying some prayers.


Maria said...

Gorgeous card!!! TFS

Glad to hear they're okay.

Homespun Elegance said...

So darling and Sassy!!