Saturday, January 14, 2012

Four Legged Friends Blog Hop Jan 14th

Based on a Book Blog Hop Here!

Welcome to the Four Legged Friends Blog Hop!

Everyone is sharing their four legged friend(s).
Be sure to check out each blog and leave a comment. :)

 I first made a card of how I wish my cat and I had a relationship.. Hahaha.
He only wants me in the weird hours of the morning and that's to wake me up, otherwise he is only loving to my husband and my youngest son.

His name is Kitty. When we adopted him he had a different name, Snoopy, but that just didn't go with a cat if you ask me and no one could come up with anything so he just stayed Kitty.

The Digi Stamp on the card is made by Sherri Baldy, called Bath Time Kitty. You can find it here.

Now pictures of my real Kitty!

Line up:


Cathy said...

I love the card, so cute. Cats are funny like that, they are selective on who can do what to them.

Josie0602 said...

Cut card! I love the photo of your kitty under the blanket!

Vicki said...

Adorable card. None of the cats in my home love me unless I'm eating a tuna sandwich. LOL Thanks for sharing.

vwilson577 at

Tanya said...

Love the card! Cute pics too :)

phenis2031 at yahoo dot com

JaniceA said...

Love your card! You do such a great job!

CREATIVE M said...

Too Cute! Super Cute!!!!LOL

ShersL84bed said...

Cute kitty, he is looking a little spoiled to me. :)
Fun digi, darling card!

Smiles Sher

Tina Campbell said...

Cute card-was looking for the History-Lifetime blog hop but couldn't find it, check back tomorrow I guess.

Judy said...

Of course I am going to hop with "four leg" lovers! Your card is sooo cute and your Kitty is so typical for so many cats:-) I am so lucky that my girls keep regular hours and one loves the hubs and the other loves me! She is hugging my arm as I type!

Vicky said...

cute card love the image you used. cats are funny furry critters. we had a cat like that he only wanted to be handled when he wanted if we tried to love him he would try to claw your eyes out.LOL

kim.scrapper said...

Kitty is looking pretty relaxed in these photos, super cute, tfs...Kim (

AmyJRockstar said...

Hi Jamie! Wow, you're as busy as me this weekend! Love your "Kitty" card! So very cute and it's so true about cat's... so fickle! I love all animals though. :0) I always call every cat "Kitty" and I say it how Boo says it on Monster's, Inc. People think I'm nuts. LOL ;) TFS!

XO ~ Amy Jo (follower)
amyjrockstar at gmail dot com

Jessi said...

cute kitty, my cats think they are dogs. they love water.

melllisssa said...

Love your card! Cats are so temperamental, but we still love them anyways, right?! Lol. Thanks for sharing your beautiful card!

misshoanggg (at)

Samantha J Designs (Wife2TJ) said...

So cute, your kitty is absolutely adorable! :-) We have an orange kitty too, and I think they are the sweetest!

-Sam :-)
SamanthaJDesigns @