Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Book Review: Surviving Your Serengeti by Stefan Swanepoel

Surviving Your Serengeti
7 Skills to Master Business and Life
by Stefan Swanepoel

This is a review that is LONG overdue.

When I first got this book from Booksneeze I was hesitant to start reading it.
I looked at the title and thought to myself, why do I need 7 skills to master anything?
And I think the only word that rang out to me was the word business and not the part where it said AND Life.

I finally picked it up though and decided to give it a go. It is "a fable of self-discovery."
I will admit the Introduction got me off to a bad start. I was not very interested by it.
The introduction as short as it is, a page and a half, was about Africa and the animals.

I gave it a few days after that and began to sit down though and give it another try. I'm always one for trying because I've gotten past first chapters in books before and they've turned out to be great.
And I've read whole books before that were horrible just because I began them and needed to know the ending.

Chapter One was started and I was thoroughly impressed with it. I did find I would take a break of a day or two between each one but it was more for my own personal reflection over what I read.
I found the information interesting and saw how it could be applied to one's life and was common knowledge but things we don't normally think about.

It is a book that could easily be read in 1-2 days. But as I said I wanted to reflect on everything I read. I was to the point I almost wanted to take notes at the end. And at the end of each chapter he does summarize them and the skill that you should have learned.

Each chapter is about an animal and its skill and how they apply to our everyday human life. With these skills you can master anything. You just need to apply them.

I like how each chapter was titled after an animal and that is where you learned the skill from when reading it. It was very informative and interesting reading and I will keep the book for my home library and read again.

There is also a chapter titled "What Animal Am I"
and he gives an online website to take a quiz in case you haven't figured it out yet by reading all the skills and see which ones you have possessed.

I think this is a great book whether you are looking for business or personal life and how to master it with the right skills in life. I don't believe at all you have to put this into business perspective at all.
I would love to share my actual copy with others but afraid I might not get it back.

Here are some of the skills discussed:
Endurance, Strategy, Enterprising, Efficiency, Grace, Risk-taking, and Communication.

At the end of each chapter you get a summary of how the skill is used, ways to maximize that skill, and how to even know if that is your animal from that chapter.

I highly recommend it to anyone that needs a non-fiction book to read.
I'm usually so busy reading fiction that it was interesting stopping the book I was currently reading to start this one.

The last thing I will share is the "7 Questions This Book Tackles"
as listed on the back cover

1. Are you experiencing a challenge that you wish to overcome?
2. Do you want to discover your hidden survival skills?
3. Do you have a goal you have yet to achieve?
4.Would you like to discover your instinctive strengths?
5. Can you benefit from problem-solving thinking?
6. Do you know someone who has potential to excel?
7. Are you looking for a positive message to share?

And here is the book's website:


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