Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday Challenge

I went to a class this Summer and learned about this challenge.
I'm going by memory and would never post what the whole class was about.
It had to do with layouts anyway.

But I think this challenge is an excellent one for anyone and everyone.
In a bit when I find her name I will credit the idea to the person who did the class.
It is around here somewhere. :)

The Challenge:
Think about someone in your life who has passed away. It could be anyone.
Then think of and write down all of the questions that you wish you would've asked that person.
Write down all the things you wish you knew about them.

When all is said and done you could put these in a jar if you wanted.
Then on any given day, for instance, a day you are sick of the everyday scrapbooking of pictures pull out one of the pieces of paper.
And do a scrapbook page on that.
Remember there is someone in your future who will probably have that same question about you.
This is a good way to keep the history alive even when you are gone and it will be firsthand knowledge.

Some examples of questions:
How did you meet your spouse?
Where was your first date?
Tell me about your first kiss?
What were school like when you were younger?

You could even do a whole page of the age you are now and how much things cost such as bread, gas, etc. and how much and what year it was when they were that age.

Go for it!

Keep the history alive and let your future generations know about you even when you're gone someday.

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