Saturday, July 2, 2011

Surprise Blog Hop

You should have arrived here from Heather.
If not, you should go back to the beginning and start at Erica's blog, don't want to many any surprises or blog candy!

I want to begin by saying Congratulations to Mike and Erica!!!!!
Also congrats to her little Bella who I will be sending a small package out to this week.

Here is the card I am sending to her and her now husband:
All of the supplies came from CTMH.

And now for my layout that has to do with love/marriage.
This was a picture taken during our cruise that we went on for our 10th Anniversary, two years ago, in the Grand Cayman Islands.

I remember we were looking to see which pictures we were going to buy and a little old lady asked us how long we had been married. We told her we were celebrating our anniversary. The next thing I know she had bought the whole package for us which had to be about $70 or $80.

We really enjoyed our swim with the dolphin.

Also that anniversary I finally got my diamond ring to go with my platinum band.
This year will be our 12th Anniversary on 7/7/11.
So in 5 day!

I thought I would share our story of how we met and married:
We met in late 2008 on the internet without any intent of a relationship. We weren't on the net looking for love, relationships or any of that.

I just happened to go to a chat room that he was in at the time. It was an army chatroom. I went in there to ask some questions because I was thinking about joining the local army national guard.

The next thing I know we are chatting and IMing and even before long it was an everyday thing.
We were racing to our computers at a certain time to talk to each other.
Then he started calling me on the phone as well.
He was stationed in Washington State and I was in Texas.
Could we be any more farther apart?

He told me that he was leaving for Korea in January 1999 for a year.
I thought to myself this is the perfect way for him to have a way out from what was going on.
He said he would call me once he was there, at his unit, and all settled in.
A part of me believed yet a part of me again had a little doubt.
He was only 19 and me, 20, he had no reason to stay in a serious relationship.

Well sure enough a few weeks later he called.
We continued to talk daily while he was there.
And I knew if something not so good was going on over there before he had a chance to even breathe.

We decided to finally meet in person during his leave in July.
We were going to meet up in Montana which is where he is from and he made the suggestion to get married.
It wasn't really anything official, a real proposal even, just a little suggestion.

I flew up to Montana for two weeks.
We met in person and were married a few days later.
Would've been married even sooner if the courthouse wouldn't have been closed since Sunday was the July 4th.
We spent two weeks together, I flew back home, he drove back to WA to see some friends.
And we spent our first 6 months of our marriage apart, him in Korea, me in Texas.

My family knew I had eloped but didn't know him at all.
He flew to Texas at the end of his tour, helped pack my son and I up and we moved to Colorado for his next duty station.

Here we are 12 years later!
Hasn't been an easy 12 years but it has been worth it all.
So that's MY love story.


2 things to be exact.

I first want to say I would be happy for you to:
1.Friend me on facebook (link on right).
2.Follow my blog.
BUT I'm not making you do those things for the blog candy.

I do need you to leave a comment though with a way to get into contact with you.
Blog Candy #1- Surprise for the cricut machine.
Blog Candy #2- Altered clock in theme of your choosing.

Why a clock?
Because all relationshiops have to do with time.
Time to meet.
Time to get to know each other.
Time to spend together.
You get where I am going with this.
So the clock can be a theme you've chosen or you can let me if you win it.

Good Luck!
Now onto..... Jen Roseman

And here is the complete line up because we've had a few mishaps along the way so you can go to where there may have been a break or you have missed something.

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HotPinkScrapper said...

Very cute. Tfs and so love the BLING on YOUR FINGER

JustMeJustina said...

Cute story Jamie thanks for sharing it!!! And happy anniversary 5 days early!! Thanks for a chance to win blog candy!!

Courtney Larson said...

A great post all around. Thanks for sharing your personal story. Congratulations on your anniversary. Its a beautiful ring!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,

What a beautiful love story! Happy Anniversary wishing you many, many more years together.Love your card! Looking forward to seeing more of your project's.

Maria Delgado

Cricutman said...

wow very nice love it and the theam!

Cricutman said...

Very nice love the colors !

Bunnyfreak said...

Thanks for sharing the story of how you met. Love the photo in your layout.

Anita Braddock said...

your Card is great. your Wedding Ring is Beautiful. thanks for sharing

Amanda said...

VERY pretty! I am a follower of your blog! TFS!

amandawoodau at hotmail dot com

Connie Layman said...

What a beautiful story...both about your anniversary experience and how you met your husband. Thankyou for sharing!
I love the stamp on your card and the layout is the sweetest!

Brenda said...

cute idea about the clock and love the pic with the dolphin!

Charlotte Cornett said...

LOVED reading your story, thank you for sharing that with us!! Love the card and layout. Charlotte

Gaylynn said...

Wonderful lo. Great theme. Went to your fb and following blog.

tremblayfam said...

love the scrapbook page! great story!

Debbie - Olivia's Nana said...

My first wedding was 07/07/78 So we are wedding sisters!

Debbie @

cema1cema said...

Jamie what a great story! Love your scrapbook page! Christina

Kimberli said...

Both of your projects are so pretty, I love the colors! What a great story, thanks for sharing! Happy Anniversary!

tremblayfam said...

Love your story! Dolphin page is great! :)

Connie said...

What an amazing story Jamie! Thank you so much for sharing! Actually brought a tear to me eyes!! Hugs!

Barbara said...

How cute!!!! I love your story, soooo romantic!!! and your too. Thank you for sharing.

Visit my blog:

my email:

PS, I'm a new follower!!

Connie Gail said...

How did you ever think of such a wedding card? I am amazed!!! I love everythings about it - especially the backgroud paper and colors. Looking forward to seeing your crafty creations in the upcoming blogs.

Connie Gail
(ps - thanks for sharing your love story and scrapbook page. nice to get to know you)

westfamily at mlode dot com

Jen L said...

I love your love story.... Your card and layout are cute.

heatherhammen said...

Thank you so much for sharing your love story with us! How beautiful!!!! As you know I'm a follower and a FB friend. Your posts crack me up : )

CrazyCardCreator said...

A true love story... Love your card!

Tamara said...

Cute Card, She like it! And You and your hubby with the Dophine is adorable!

joydee1963 said...

Great lo.also I like the card,I am a new follower,joydee1963 at yahoo dot com

Angie said...

Hi Jammie, I really enjoyed hopping on over and seeing your projects!! I like them!

KAT said...

very nice and what a sweet 'love story'...i'm so happy it turned out the way it did.

Janeen said...

Thanks for sharing your love story with us! I love your projects! Swimming with the dolphins looks so fun, great page! :)

Cindi said...

Beautiful ring!

Crafty and Green said...

Super cute! Loved Them Both!!


Sherry said...

Very nice sweet. Love the card and the layout.

'Chelle said...

Oh how I <3 your story of how y'all met & got married :) Happy anniversary this week! And of course you know how to get in contact with your birthday twin! ;) I'd love to win some fun stuff...LOL...

Swanson Quality Services said...

Love it!


gshrader said...

Great projects! And awesome love story! Thanks for sharing! Amazing how you can know someone enough to marry them before you even meet in person! And congrats on your soon to be anniversary!
New follower!
gayle_shrader at yahoo dot com

v said...

Loved your love story! Love your rock! Happy Anniversary(soon) Mine 19th Anniversary was yesterday, July 1st:D I'm a follower and already a friend on fb:)

~Vanessa W

v said...

Oh wait! I forgot to write...I love CTMH too! And I love your LO!!!

~Vanessa W

Samantha J Designs (Wife2TJ) said...

great projects!!! Beautiful ring! Congrat's on 12 years :-)

-Sam :-)

SamanthaJDesigns @

jean said...

love your story.
new follower and sent a friend request on facebook.


AJoy said...

Thanks for sharing your story. My story isn't Cinderella either but we will be married for 20 years in October!

nginerd at gmail dot com

WAM Family said...

Such a great love story!!! Congrats on your up and coming Anniversary. Great projects!!! TFS

Tamara said...

Very cute card for the happy couple! I love when I hear stories of random acts of sweet of the lady to buy your pics for you!!!
sweetheartcopper at msn dot com

Suni Smith Brandt said...


Rosa said...

very pretty

rhayhurst said...

Loved reading your blog, and I am now a follower. Thanks for the opportunity!

Newbie2crafting said...

Very nice!


A Creative Journey said...

Congrats on your anniversary!!! Love your projects and I am already a friend on fb :)

TFS! I am a follower and I would be honored if you would check out my blog 4th of july projects on my blog :)

Tiffany said...

Thanks for sharing. Your ring is beautiful!

Casey said...

perfect combination--Cricut and LOVE!

kathlee said...

Great story...very similar to my own until we get to the wedding. We dated/cohabited for 10 years and 1 day..then wed 2 years ago. Second and FINAL marriages for both of us. Congrats!


Amanda said...

love the bling ring. :). love your layout. tfs your story

Amanda said...

tfs your story.. love the bling ring :)

Lynda said...

Love your card and the story of how you and your husband met! So sweet! I'm already a follower! TFS

rlhamm1 at gmail dot com

Val626 said...

Happy Anniversary early..

Ashley said...

What an amazing story! My husband and I met through eHarmony and were engaged after 2 1/2 months of dating :) I am a follower through GFC and Networked Blogs and am already a friend of Facebook :) Love the card and layout! Thank you for sharing!

Ashley "Scrappin' Pink Piglet"

Linda said...

Aww, TFS your story with us and I know Erica & Mike will love your card! See you on FB Jamie and have a great 4th of July! xoxo, Linda

Ricki said...

Great post Jamie, I really liked the love story! Happy early Anniversary!

Tiffany said...

Wonderful story! I love the idea you have behind the clock. I'm a new follower here and on facebook. I'd love it if you'd stop by my blog too :) TFS

Karen S. said...

Sweet story!

karenskapin at yahoo dot com

Trina said...

Thanks for sharing your story. And your ring is beautiful.

Scrappin Dhilly said...

I originally couldn't leave a comment for you because blogger wouldn't let me. What a beautiful love story. Also, love your projects, love that stamp on your card, Erica will love it! Also, would love to see a picture of your altered clock, sounds really cute!

scrappindhilly at gmail dot com

Suzy's Crafts said...

Thanks for sharing your story. Love the card and layout.

Julissa Morales said...

What a great LO. Congrats!!
julissa9989 at yahoo dot com

Alishia said...

Pretty ring!

Anonymous said...

Exactamente! Me gusta su pensamiento. Invito a fijar el tema.