Thursday, June 2, 2011

My wonderful kids!

Today is officially the last day of school for my babies. I know they aren't technically babies but as any mom knows, her kids are always her babies.

My oldest baby, Anthony, is officially a Senior in high school as of today. As I was thinking about this on my long drive, I began to tear some. That kid may drive me absolutely crazy at times and vice versa, this is a happy and sad time for me.
He has already succeeded in doing so many things better than me. He has had his challenges and his moments, yet he has managed to overcome them.
I continue to hope and pray that he turns out way better than me. I have confidence in him. I told him that one reason I have been so hard on him is becUse I want him to be better than I can ever be.
He finally has a plan for after high school. I promise I didn't influence it at all. He will go to community college and then Sam Houston State and major in criminal justice. I'm glad he has finally decided on something.
He has a very busy summer coming up. He will start summer school. It isn't for a failed class. It's so he doesn't have to take economics at school. He has senior pictures this month. Also driver's education.
Also he will be 17 on June 7th. :) I can't believe how old he'll be. And he is planning on FFA again next year. He will raise a pig and maybe turkeys.

My other baby, Erik, is now officially a 5th grader as of today and managed to keep all a's and b's all year long. He is my 10 year old baby who is busy right now with swim team. And this weekend I need to make lesson plans of what he will be doing this summer. I try to make sure that he does some type of work to keep his brain nice and busy and away from the video games as much as possible. I am about to order the 6th grade SAT study vocabulary words for him to do this summer.
He is going to the 5th grade and still wants to be the same thing he did in kindergarten, an archeologist. But he has decided that he no longer wants to go to Brown. He now wants to go to Cambridge in England. Sigh. He better get some type of scholarship if he doesn't ever change his mind.

Well enough blogging for now. My iPad is about to die. I just had to brag on the kids. Maybe I will add later or tomorrow after this charges.

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