Friday, June 10, 2011

GASC (Arlington) Shopping Pics and Review

GASC Arlington, TX
June 2-4, 2011

My trip to Arlington, TX ended up being great! I took classes and shopped and chatted with a few exhibitors which made it all turn out great.

My first day I did have an issue with an exhibitor but I will keep them out of this post (their name, etc) because it's really not worth it. They aren't even worth getting the attention of having their name on my blog or the advertisement. :)

Here are some of the retailers I hit up and bought from along with pictures of what I bought.
They are being mentioned in no particular order, usually based on the business card or goodies I find first here in my scraproom. :)

My first exhibitor to mention is non-scrap related. They had Jewelry and who doesn't need more jewelry?
R&B Jewelry
Robin Frank and Britney Goodwin
The jewelry was $5 a piece and they had a great deal of buy 5 get 1 free.
Loved all that I picked and could've gotten even more.
The people working there were extremely friendly and nice.

According to their business card you can place an order with them or host a party!
And they are based out of Draper, Utah.
I then met up with Arlington Camera.
I didn't purchase anything from there YET.
I need some extra savings first but they were great on helping me out with prices for what I need and giving me the reviews on what I wanted.
They have have website: Arlington Camera
I found them to be very helpful!

Wanna know though what I'm planning on eventually buying?
The Nikon D7000 body with the Tamron 18-270mm lens.
Here's the camera but with a different lens.
Any other suggestions, let me know. I'm always open.
Next up:
Scrapbooking Closeouts
Based in Carson City, NV

They had excellent deals. Most stuff was either a dollar or some other deal they had (sorry can't remember) but was just as good!

I bought all of this for less than $11.00
Queen and Co.
was there and I had to help my Disney obsession!

I think I did a good job, only spent $12 and got a lot of goodies!
Then I met a newer company called ScrapBands
They have a website: ScrapBands

I bought the smaller one to use as a "bookmark" for my son's books that he reads. He is 10 years old but tends to read really thick books and think it will help.
But they are also used to keep the smaller albums closed and from the page protectors from slipping around. They also sell them for the 12x12 album size for the same reason.
They have diffferent colors/designs.
The small one says it fits 8x8 and 6x6 albums.
Also says, "wrap it around the album cover to keep contents from slipping" and "use it as a "label" on the spine of D-ring albums."
The small one was $11.99 but they had a show special.
Then I went and ran into some people that I've met before that helped put together one of the Cricut Circle events and did an awesome job.
They were there for Picture Keeper
The ladies there were Angela Hotelling and Tammy Skinner.
The Picture Keeper comes in 3 sizes PK4, PK8, PK16.
I bought the PK 8 which holds about 8,000 pictures.

It's like a USB drive yet it instantly pulls all your pictures off your computer without you having to search and drag for them or send them to it. And you can put it in multiple computers and is good for a PC and Mac.
One of the ladies uses the PK4. She buys one for each year and then labels it with that year and puts it in a fire safe place. I really like the idea and think after this year is over I will start doing that.

It can also be put into a digital frame and used in photo kiosks.
Need their information let me know.
And check out the site: Picture Keeper
Found out there is a place closer to where I live that has Scrapbooking Retreats.
They are called, Galvestons Red Victorian
Great pictures on there, may try it out sometime.
I also got 4 bottles of glimmer mist for $10.00 but honestly for the life of me I can't remember where I got them from or else I would give them a plug in here as well.

Finally got my flower soft and flower soft glue that I've been dying to have.
I only bought one color for now until I really get to try it out but they had lots to choose from as well as different kinds of organizers.

The store is called Googly Eyes
and they are based in Irving, Texas.
Found their website: Googly Eyes
They were doing free make and takes to show how to make stuff with the flower soft.
Then I went over to Paper Wizard
Website: Paper Wizard

I was able to pick up a few things for my Disney album and for my son's graduation who will be graduating in 2012!
They had a buy 4 get 1 free deal.
It was cute, the cashier was the son of the owner. I've never met a child that is such a good sale's person and so polite and sweet in my life.
Now one of the best places for BLING was WANT 2 SCRAP
website: Want 2 Scrap
They had an awesome deal, the bling was all $1.

And I bought this "sign" made out of cardstock that I plan on hanging in my scraproom.
I also picked up something from Scentsy while I was there.

There is my new Scentsy warmer with their fragrance bars. Decided to give them a try. I get headaches easily from fragrances sometimes so we'll see how it goes.
If interested you can go to their site and find a local consultant.
Website: Scentsy
I also got my Smash journal.
Now I need to go to Archiver's or find a place online to get all the extras to go with it!
And I took a picture of all the ideas of things you can do with it besides use it as a scrapbook which is not what I plan on using it for. I love the ideas.
You can also visit their blog: Smash Stories

I think it would even be great to give to kids to use as a journal in which they can add pictures, movie tickets, concert tickets, magazine cut-outs, etc.
It was at Creek Bank Creations that I purchased this Smash journal.
They had lots of other products including some new photo fold out system.
The man showing it off was VERY energized and happy about the product and the price wasn't bad at all.
Here are all the fold outs they have, check them out.
The Eyelet Outlet
website: Eyelet Outlet

I spent way TOO much money there because of the great eyelets/brads.
And they had great ideas and displays of what to do with the eyelets and brads.
I'm sure I'll need to buy more. :)
Next up: Inky Antics Rubber Stamps
and they are located in Cleveland, Ohio
Here is also a link to their blog: Inky Antics Blog
I didn't buy anything from them this time but plan to on their site. I was a little stamped out and shopped out by the time I got to that end of the convention center.
The lady there was great though and funny.
She found me to be funny as well since I have a STRONG sense of smell and can sometimes smell odorless gamsol.
But they had great stamps, great ideas, and what seemed to be great customer service so I will definitely buy from them online or in person if I ever see them at a show again.
Embellish It!
website: Embellish It!

I bought this page kit to go with the first side I started on in a class that I took from them.
The kit should have everything in it for me to complete the second half of the layouts we began in class which was phenomenal.
Last but not least.
The Crafters Nook
They are located in Washington.

I really enjoyed this retailer more than anything. I think I talked to them for more than half an hour. I only bought two things but I think they now have me motivated to get my TC Stampmaker out and start making some stamps and other stuff with it. It is doing me no good sitting in the box.
So I bought the Stampmaker Cling that I know I won't be able to live without and a "saying" to stamp on birthday cards I may make. It says, "Happy 29th Birthday from your 110lb. friend."
They will also be at CKC Houston so I may bring them some stuff that I am planning on making to use for their display.

Now to put all this away!!!
I think I'll do a review of the classes in a different post since this one is long enough!


Carrie K said...

Oh, I love your "sign" And that 29th birthday stamp!!! I wish I lived closer so I could have gone! There is never anything fun like that in IOWA!

Angi @ CokiePop said...

I missed going to GASC this year. That retreat place sounds nice and it's close by. I want to make a Smash book real soon. And yes...Archivers has all the supplies to make one. :)

elizabeth said...

glad you had a good time