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GASC (Arlington) Classes, Pics, and Reviews

GASC Arlington
June 2-4, 2011

This is the first time I've been to a convention and taken classes.
I really enjoyed it. Some of the classes I didn't finish stuff in class because I wanted to have the "right" tool or glue to do it.
So I brought it home to finish it up.
Plus some things I wanted to add pictures before totally finishing it up so it would look right.

My first classes:
June 2nd.

Dynamic Disney Designs:
 (I had to take this considering how often we go to Disney and what a Disney freak that I am, we go every other year since 2005 to DW or DL).

Here are the layouts, if you wanted the second half you had to go to the booth to buy them.
I chose not to for a lot of stuff because I just felt I didn't need them that bad.

I took pictures of what the completed layouts should look like because all of mine are still packed up from the convention. LOL.
The class was presented by Andrea Deer.
Her website: The Whole Kit N Kaboodle
NOT to be confused with the store Kit N Kaboodle (think that's the name of the other place).
She did an excellent job and would recommend her classes anytime.
She will also have an idea book coming out in the Fall, you would have to check her website to see when it is out.

Tip from her: Always embellish in odd numbers. Example: use three brads, or three buttons, etc.

My next class:

Not So Basic:
This class was also by the same person, Andrea Deer.
Here's a picture of the layouts.
A lot of classes offer a drawing to win one of the page kits but not all.

Day Two:
June 3rd.

2011 Latest & Greatest with Basic Grey
The first picture was the four layouts we completed in class.
We also used other paper besides basic grey.
This class was put on by Embellish It!
Website: Embellish It!

I bought the class supplement to go with it and the picture shows what each two page layout should turn out looking like.

Another great class!

Then I went to:
Life as You Know It: Bucket List Scrapbooking

I really enjoyed this class.
It made you think about the things you need to scrapbook about yourself for the future generations to know about you.
She had us list questions we would want to know about a deceased loved one and then remember that someday someone may have those same questions or more about us.
You could put the questions in a jar and when you need a break from everyday scrapbooking pull one or two or even a few and do a page about them.
I loved the idea and the stories she shared with us and that we shared with each other.
She was from Big Picture Classes.
Website: Big Picture Classes
Here's the online class offered by her and has a few of the layouts we did on there.
I couldn't post because the paper is in black and white and doesn't come out as well.
Life as we know it!
I am going to sign up and finish up the class!
I didn't even finish the layouts because I decided I wanted to use different pictures.

Last class:
30 Minute Layouts

This one was a little more labor intensive.
There was no way to finish those three layouts in the time we had.
We had 1 1/2 hours if I remember correctly.
But they are all beautiful and I wanted to use some of my tape, glue, stuff like that at home to finish some of it up.
This was done by Prima Marketing, Inc.
It was all their products.
Also saw that they are doing the same class at CKC Houston.
It shows the same picture but I know they could still be doing something different with their lines of papers because there is a disclaimer on the class information.
I love their products!

Day 3:
June 4th!

Last day and took only one class so I could get home at a decent time.
I took :Boxer Palooza 2011

It was a class in which we received sample products, took notes over some of them but wasn't a class that was for us to make anything and I was glad by the last day.
I was sort of tired of creating by then.
Their website: Boxer Scrapbook Productions

We received an assortment of their patterned paper.

And then some paper that you can't see very well but it's embossed. On it you can color it with ink pads, chalks, spray mists, etc.

A product called Dazzles (summer stickers) and they are from Hot off the Press.
The back shows a multitude of ideas on how to use them as well as a web address for free ideas: Paper Pizazz

We also received the Wobblers which are neat cards and come with an envelope.
You can check them out on the Wobblers or probably on the Boxer Website as well.

Here are some different things to put on your pages:
Page Pogs and Page Previews.

They also offer an assortment of different packs of 6x6 paper.

They also had borders which you could use something like glimmer mist on and make a border on a page. Clear stamps which are of the best quality because they are made of photopolymer.
Twine. Buttons that are dyed. And a Glaze Sakura pen that if you draw with it slow enough and wait for it to dry it will have an almost embossed look and touch.

I really must say that I did enjoy all my classes and have no complaints at all.
I did skip the crops as I knew I would be very tired after classes but I'm sure they were great as well.

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