Monday, June 6, 2011

CKC Houston (July 7-8)

Well I've decided to go to CKC Houston this year!

It's actually not going to be in Houston, in a suburb before you even get there!

It will be 15 minutes from my house and across the street from where I used to work!

I am going for shopping and maybe a class but feel slightly classed out since going to GASC this past week, which I plan on writing a post on my GASC reviews as well later today.

I'm finishing up on some swim team accounting stuff, postal stuff, and then hopefully before bed I'll have a good ol' review post of GASC classes and even exhibitors that were there.

But if you are in the Houston area or near the Houston area you really should go to CKC Houston.
The hotel is located within walking distance of a lot of restaurants, two movie theaters, and a mall. Lots of entertainment!

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Angi @ CokiePop said...

I'll be going for sure. Can't wait. :)