Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Timing IS Everything

That's my motto for the day!

I'm not sure, maybe because it is too hot and humid here!
All I've wanted to do is sleep, eat, sleep, and eat!
I'm too hot to go out.
And I went out for an hour for Erik's swim practice and that wore me out.
And it's only going to get worse.

I need to head out to the store but may wait until it gets cooler or I fall asleep.

Today my need for impulsiveness has kicked in.
I had a suggestion.
But it was kicked away by the hubby.
Now to fight the feeling.

I guess I'll just sit here until dinner is done.
Then I have a swap to finish by this weekend STILL.
Also have a Memorial Day Blog Hop project to get done.
And then to do some more organization and cleaning in this scraproom.
Think I will also go ahead and pack up what I need to bring with me from my scraproom so it'll be up and out of my way and done with.
I made a list of everything needed for each class.
I found out that my first class is at noon on the first day, it's a 4 hour drive and I won't be leaving here until 8am. I will have to drive fast. LOL.
At that moment I will be thinking, "timing is everything."

Been a while for a quote so need one, let's see.


~Stacey Charter

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