Monday, May 16, 2011

Likes and Dislikes

Well I will start with dislikes first then onto likes. I feel like it's one of those kind of days where I just need to remind myself of who I am and what I like and don't like in life.

1.That my mouse batteries are dead so I'm relying only on the touch features of this screen.
2.Being lied to. Omission is also in this category.
3.My impulsiveness.
4.Mood Swings.
6.Not being answered when I ask a question!!!!!!!! (Think this is going beyond a dislike!!!)
7.Multiple Sclerosis
8.Hot Summers
10.Always being worried about my weight.
11.Wondering where I stand on a day to day basis with people.
12.Being a people pleaser.
13.Saying "yes" when I know I should say "no" to things.
14.Being misunderstood.
15.Not knowing who I am or what I want.
16.Rain while I'm out of the house especially at work since none of the classrooms have windows.
17.Taking days off of work and getting nothing done.
18.Others knowing my transgressions. Small world. People talk.
19.Going on shopping binges.
20.Drinking water. Ewwww.
21.My own anger and rage.
23.The Simpsons
25.My niceness is construed as flirting. (What do I do, stop being nice?)

1.Rain, when I'm home.
2.Walking on the beach.
3.Telling my kids that I love them.
4.Smiling at my husband and watching him smile back.
5.Hearing that it's nice to hear me be nice for once. :)
7.Criminal Justice
9.Real friends
10.Truth and honesty.
12.When I'm not worried about being "fat"
13.Feeling happiness.
14.Cool breezes.
16.Smell of perfume or cologne.
18.Memories of those I love and lives I used to be a part of.
19.Waking up everyday.
20.Feeling good about myself.
21.Having a clean scraproom and using it.
22.Genuine people.
23.Making an old person smile.
24.When my students think I'm in my 20's. (Until I tell them I'm old enough to be their parent. LOL).
25.Feeling important.
26.Helping others out.
27.Watching my children succeed.
28.Knowing that Anthony will be open with me even if it's not always something I want to hear. Shows my son trusts me.
30.The hugs I get from the students and the excitement on their faces when they see I'm back to be with them when I've only been gone for a few days.
31.Anthony trying to kiss me on my cheek knowing I will fight it because it's just something we do. :)
32.Reading while taking a hot bath, it's so relaxing.


Carrie K said...

I notice that you dislike Multiple Sclerosis? Do you have it? I do. I was diagnosed in 1994. The only real problem I have is with my eyes. I have 20/80 vision right now but in 2007 it was 20/400! I had several surgeries in 208 and this is probably as good as it is going to get. But I am hanging in there and very thankful it is not worse!!

Jamie said...

Yes, I do have it. Been diagnosed since 2002. But first symptom in 2000 so I guess it's been 11 years now. There are good days/months/etc and bad ones. Hang in there! That's all we can do. :)

Susan said...

Hi Jamie,

I just had to stop in and say hi. I love that you made this list. I think everyone should do this now and then to stay in check. I did notice your dislike list is shorter than your like list which is a very good sign! As long as it remains like that you're doing okay! I'm sorry to hear about the MS. I also have a chronic disease and I know how hard life can get. I play my illness off as just arthritis but it's much worse than that. Actually what I have only effects 1% of the population so rather than have to explain it over and over I just stick to the easiest way to describe it. Being so young and having to live with pain every day will cause one to slip into a negative mindset, I know that all too well. The more you keep reminding yourself of the 'likes" in your life the less the "dislikes" will matter. I decided a year ago that I will not allow negativity in my life anymore, period. And even though I'm still dealing with the pain every day having a positive outlook has helped me so much. Another thing that has helped is laughing. If you are always laughing it's impossible to cry! Thanks for sharing your list and I hope today you are having a good day. :)


Jamie said...

Susan, your comment made me smile. I have found myself over the past 24 hours adding here and there to the two lists. I know there are a ton of things I could write but only doing what comes to mind at the moment. :)