Tuesday, May 17, 2011

15 Days until Convention!

I LOVE Countdown Calendars!
I always have since my husband was in the military.
It always gave me a reminder of when things were to come.
And it always gave me hope. :)

Well I've realized I am 15 days away from going to the convention in Arlington.
That could seem like a lot to some but it's really not at all for me.
I have so much to do to get ready.
I sound like I'm going on a huge trip that is going to last me a long time.

I just need some organization in my life.
Once I find that then maybe it won't be such a big deal.
I realized I won't see my husband before I leave.
He works a 24 hour shift the night before and will be coming home that morning and I will have left before he comes in since my first class is around noon and it's a 3 1/2 hour drive for me.
I won't get to see him until I come back on Saturday evening.
I'm sure I'll call plenty of times to make sure the houshold is ran well knowing he probably does a better job than me in some ways. But it makes me nervous because I've never missed a swim meet ever.

I have a lot of stuff to get done for our swim team before then.
I will have to make sure to get everything ready for them on Wednesday since I'm leaving Thursday morning.
Thankfully I will take Wednesday off just so I have time to do all that.
And I better hit the grocery store so my kids can eat while dad is at his second job. LOL.

I'm really looking forward to it.
I booked a whole lot of classes.
I'm not sure I'm going to crop though.
I may do some stuff in my room but otherwise I want to work on writing.
I'm bringing my ipad and have the first two words ready for my story.
They've been in my head for a month now. Two words is a beginning.
And maybe I'll force myself to sit out by the pool some, it's not something I usually do.

My only worry is when it's time to go home.
I keep thinking, "who is going to catch me when I fall?"
What does this mean?
Well I never ever leave here and come back in the same mood.
I always have at least a one week recovery period.
I go through the motions of how I don't like having two feet planted on the ground in one place for too long.
I promise it happens like clockwork EVERY single time I leave, whether I go alone or if I go with my husband and kids.
Some places we go make it even harder when I come back.
I obviously don't even have to go out of state for it to hit.

This will be my second time away this year and I have a third one coming up soon.
If I had my way I would also do a weekend trip to Colorado which I haven't totally ruled out for the Summer but afraid I haven't made enough money to budget that in on my own and it's something I want to earn to pay for. I know that is one trip that will be hard to come home from for sure.

Then I have quite a few months and off to Florida we go.

I'm hoping the recovery period goes much smoother this time seeing as I'm going completely alone and have a whole agenda set out for myself.
One that includes calling my children like crazy and my husband as well.
So hopefully the answer to "who will catch me when I fall?" is that the fall won't be far and I will be caught.
Otherwise I'll fall smack to the ground and be depressed for a week because I know I was made to travel the world. :)

Right now though my saving grace is the children.
I know I can't just up and travel the world without them and there is too much going on to take them around with me; also I forgot to mention the fact that I'm not rich at all by any means.

But I am excited 15 days!
Lists are to be made.
What to pack, what to remind my husband, what to remind my kids, directions, medications, scrapbook supplies, charger for my ipad and the list goes on and on.
It's never too early to get started and the sooner the better.

Wish me luck!

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